2014 at Kawai Purapura – Explore, Investigate, Expand

The new year sees new programs at Kawai Purapura – for personal exploration, career development and professional education.

Yoga Teacher Training 200 & 500-Hour

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KP Integrated Yoga Training logo 140px 2014 at Kawai Purapura   Explore, Investigate, ExpandThe 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training provides excellent foundations in structural alignment and movement, increases your awareness and understanding of the postures, and ensures your teaching is appropriate and safe. The 200 Hour is a foundation for teaching program. Yoga Alliance accredited.

The 500 Hour Training refines and expands your expertise and proficiency in teaching and deepens your personal practice.

“Really useful, practical information – felt like it was really cemented by the modelling. The teaching practicums were fantastic – so much information – really valuable. Beautiful room for learning. Fantastic library resource.” – Jo


Raw Juice Feast and Detox Retreat: Monthly

Experience a unique program to enliven your Body, Mind and Spirit through the Power of Raw Juices and Detoxification.

Learn simple techniques specifically designed to reconnect you with your body and the natural world.

Melt away the stresses of everyday life in a relaxing five day experience and allow yourself to be guided gently along the path to wellness and wellbeing.

Take tips home and enhance your wellbeing every day of your life.

First week of each month:

July 7-11 ::  Aug 4-8 ::  Sept 1-5 ::  Oct 6-10 ::  Nov 3-7 ::  Dec 1-5
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Update – Yoga Classes at Kawai Purapura

The teachers at Kawai Purapura treat yoga as investigation and exploration. Students are encouraged to use traditional asanas to investigate the way the body moves.

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As the mind becomes sharper and more subtle, the body naturally opens to the breath. Soon the mind, breath and body are dancing together.

Through the practice of asanas and breath control, you may become more aware of the subtle energies that ebb and flow in the mind, and learn to still them even more.

Developing an awareness through integrated styles of yoga harmonises the body, mind and emotions and allows for an experience of deep relaxation.


Workshops, Retreats, Classes, Festivals and Practitioner Training

From Yoga Teacher Training to Te Rongopae, from Sacred Geometry and Self-Discovery to Stem Cell Healing, you can check all our up-to-date news and events.

From workshops with world-class yoga and meditation teachers, to world-class body-work training, cultural immersion and time with Maori Elders, Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre hosts and runs many unique events.

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Plus Kawai Purapura continues to be a venue of choice for events – seminars, retreats and personal & spiritual development.

Recent Testimonials

“I would like to thank you again for inviting us to the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival. It was a beautiful experience for us to share our art in such a context. We both have truly appreciated the focus and the coherence of the whole event and it has been an honour for us to be part of it. Blessings.

- Luen (of Jaguar & Luen)

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Jaguar & Luen, February 2013

“I would like to thank you for the exquisite thoughtfulness with which you are maintaining Kawai Purapura. My time here has been healing for me and I am returning home with a deeper respect for the sacredness of all life.”

- Mirjam (Soul Centred Counselling)

Retreat Venues

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Half Price on Yoga Getaways

There are always a limited number of places available on our Yoga Getaways. And you’ll be first in the queue for tickets.

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Community News updates now online

The combination of a Retreat Centre and a Holistic Village can lead to some very exciting months at Kawai Purapura.

You can download a PDF of our latest Community News! publication, 8 pages of recent – and fun – activities.

Alongside the more serious retreats you’ll find details of our Stream Care initiative, which grew out of this year’s Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival.

A Vedic fire ceremony and a “home away from home” for Wwoofers tucks in alongside a photo spread of this year’s Yoga Festival.

Download and read the news updates by clicking on the cover image:

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To see an overview of 2014 at Kawai Purapura, from Yoga to Reiki, music to dance, and transformational, click Read More:

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