2014 at Kawai Purapura – Explore, Investigate, Expand

The new year sees new programs at Kawai Purapura – for personal exploration, career development and professional education.

International Yoga Festival

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A festival weekend created for yogis, yoginis and anyone curious about yoga.

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With over 75 different workshops and seminars to choose from, and over 40 facilitators – spiritual leaders, masters of asana, creators of fun – we offer yoga in all its brilliance, wisdom and intrigue. Discover a love of yoga that is inexhaustible. Immerse yourself in the creative flow of asana and breath. Surround yourself in the fun of a festival, with treats from the stalls, nourishing food, kirtan, dance and other people.

The 2104 International Yoga Festival is the weekend of April 12-13 (the week before Easter). A great date for your diary.


Major International Presenters

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Yoga can be many things to many people – a lifestyle choice, a spiritual practice, a wellness regime, even a philosophy for life. You can see and hear all these options at the 3rd International Yoga Festival at Kawai Purapura.

SWAMI ATMAMUKTANANDA SARASWATI from Australia is presenting four seminars – Patangali’s Sutras, Purusharthas (four aims in life), Yoga and Daily Life, and The Paths of Pravritti and Nivritti (balancing of worldly and spiritual Life).

MARK WHITWELL from USA is leading five workshops: Hridaya (Heart Yoga); Vinyasa Krama (appropriate sequencing), Adapting Asana to individual need, The Healing Power of Intimate Connection, and Breath and Bandha.

SWAMI SUKHIJI from Canada is giving four seminars which cover Ashta Lakshmi (wealth), Patangali’s Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita.


Family-Friendly and Healthy Lifestyles

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There’s FUN YOGA including Aerial Yoga with CONNIE CAUSA, plus Paddleboard yoga and Acroyoga.

And for BEGINNERS and GENTLER PRACTICE you can choose from Melodie BACHELOR (Iyengar), SWAMI YOGAMANI (Satyananda), YOGESHWARAN (Mindfulness), NEAL GOSHAL (Our True Nature), MARTINA GOTZ (Chandra Vinyasa), ELANDRA & ANTION (Living Love Kundalini), ONI McKINSTRY (Yantra) and KARLA BRODIE & NEAL GOSHAL (Restorative).

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There are special sessions (also known as games) just for KIDS, as well as MICHAELA & NIKKI’s exciting, exhilarating (exhausting?) Family Yoga.

Along with Kirtan, exclusive concerts by Jeffree, Zane, Georgia Wood & Friends, and Dance in many varieties.


Yoga Teacher Training 200 & 500-Hour

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The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training provides excellent foundations in structural alignment and movement, increases your awareness and understanding of the postures, and ensures your teaching is appropriate and safe. The 200 Hour is a foundation for teaching program. Yoga Alliance accredited.

The 500 Hour Training refines and expands your expertise and proficiency in teaching and deepens your personal practice.

“Really useful, practical information – felt like it was really cemented by the modelling. The teaching practicums were fantastic – so much information – really valuable. Beautiful room for learning. Fantastic library resource.” – Jo
View Course Details

Practitioner Training courses and workshops are available at Kawai Purapura, to suit personal & professional development.

2014 Massage and Aromatherapy Courses

Options include: Certificate of Relaxation Massage (6 months), Diploma of Therapeutic Massage (18 months), Certificate of Aromatherapy (6 months) and Diploma of Aromatherapy (12 months).

The above courses are NZQA accredited and approved for loans and allowance. Full-time and part-time options available.

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Kawai Purapura, in association with Wellpark, also offer professional development courses for practitioners and community interest courses.

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Details & Bookings

New – Te Waiwaia – Traditional Māori Healing Program

Māori Wisdom Keepers will guide you on an immersion in tikanga (cultural ways) and the application of these practices – introducing traditional ways of healing and strengthening the mind, body and soul.

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On this practical course you will learn to carve, weave, make herbal remedies, create an instrument, play it, and heal with your hands and bodies.

Through all your journeying and crafting you might encounter and experience a new shaping that is compelling and profound. The shaping of Māoritanga.

This is a 200-Hour Certificate course, run over 5 modules of two weekends each.

Te Waiwaia Details

New – Earth Song World Music Culture School, March 2014

Indigenous music from around the world is presented in a structured program, from Africa, Brazil, India and, of course, Taonga Puoro. You’ll learn the rhythms, the dances and the celebrations that make up the history and science of musical cultures from the four corners of the globe.

Earth Song logo v2j 2014 at Kawai Purapura   Explore, Investigate, ExpandSacred songs, musical storytelling, dance and choreography all have their part to play in the history of music-making. Now’s your chance to participate in that development.

Discover, Investigate, Explore. Experience the transformational wisdom and power of music!

Note: You do not need to be a musician!

Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival

A headlining roster of wisdom keepers, musicians and healers, craftspeople, and eco activists came together  to share their passion for the earth, her stories, her music, and her people.

The line-up included Barry BrailsfordMichael O’Donnell,  Brant Secunda, Rashani, Gary Cook, Kailash Kokopelli, Sika,  Atarangi, Ruth Tai, Tim Lynch, Te Kaha,  and so many others.

Our relationship to this planet is very fragile and very young. We have a lot to learn and not much time. A palpable sense of connection to the planet is missing in many of us. This ‘missing’ has allowed us to destroy the very ecosystems that support us.

Photos and Videos are being processed now – stay tuned for updates.

Voices of Sacred Earth 2014 Unique Water Journey


Plus Kawai Purapura continues to be a venue of choice for events – seminars, retreats and personal & spiritual development.

Recent Testimonials

“I would like to thank you again for inviting us to the Voices of Sacred Earth Festival. It was a beautiful experience for us to share our art in such a context. We both have truly appreciated the focus and the coherence of the whole event and it has been an honour for us to be part of it. Blessings.

- Luen (of Jaguar & Luen)

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Jaguar & Luen, February 2013

“I would like to thank you for the exquisite thoughtfulness with which you are maintaining Kawai Purapura. My time here has been healing for me and I am returning home with a deeper respect for the sacredness of all life.”

- Mirjam (Soul Centred Counselling)

Retreat Venues

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Natural Therapies Short Courses

Your chance to explore, learn, indulge …

From Sports or Thai Massage to Reflexology and Mirimiri …

Exciting Life-Learning that can lead to international travel opportunities.

Lifestyle choices are now as important considerations for you and your family as overall career decisions – take these courses to aid your multi-discipline job goals.

Come and join the exciting roster of tutors and experts who can who lead you through the initial stages of career or personal development.

Foundations of Aromatherapy

Foundations of Body Therapies

Holistic Pulsing

Hot Stone Massage



Relaxation Massage

Sports Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Short courses run throughout 2014.


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