Our Name

Our Name
Te Tai Hauāuru Our Name

Te Tai Hauāuru, in one of the glades at Kawai Purapura

Kawai Purapura

This name signifies the nexus point between the past and the future.

Kawai is the memory, the ancestry, the tracing of the lineage from the past. Purapura is the seed of the future.

This name signifies the NOW – that point in time where all stands still, the place where there is no past and no tomorrow, yet where all pasts and tomorrows are to be found. The omniscient consciousness that is to be found within the human heart where all is synthesised into ONENESS.

For the land and the place it signifies that we are at that point where the past, with all its joys and grief, has led the land to this place in its journey; the future with all its hopes and possibilities is unfolding, like the koru (the fern frond).

Kawai is the wisdom of the past embedded in the land. Purapura is the seed that births the future.

As we stand upon the land we remember the past and our thoughts and memories trail back into the past like tendrils. That from which we have come has planted a seed with the new dawn, which comes as the sun rises over the horizon.