Eco-Festival Presentations Timetable

Special Events for 2014

Voices of Sacred Earth expands its unique character this year with even more attractions. More venues, more presenters, more activities.

Sacred Earth Water Journey


Luna stone tower sculpture

Caroline Robinson and Michael O’Donnell have prepared an exclusive sequence of events as part of the festival programme. The Sacred Earth Water Journey links people into the creative processes and water relationships that shaped Caroline’s LUNA (stone tower) sculpture project for the Oteha Valley.

The creative process for LUNA relates directly to the living water systems of the Kaipatiki Stream and wider ecologies of the valley, and out to the Waitemata… LUNA carries a story of our relationships within these landscapes.

This event, hosted by Caroline, is free to the public and involves visiting the LUNA site. The Water Journey continues with Michael and other wisdom keepers on the Stream CleanUp, a presentation that weaves in the kaupapa and energy of LUNA and her connections to Kaipatiki, into the korero for Kawai Purapura.


Pop-Up Presentations schedule 2014

Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February have full schedules of talks, presentations and seminars on environmental, health, social, education and wellness issues.

All presentations will be at Hooton Reserve, Mills Lane, Albany, North Shore, Auckland – to the right of the gate of Kawai Purapura and the full Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival.

As well as the presentations marquee there will be stalls providing information, services and products from eco-focussed and wellness organisations and businesses.


The Luna sculpture is adjacent to the Albany Bus Station. Caroline’s Art Bridge spans the Albany Lakes Reserve.

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Hooton Reserve Presentations Timetables

Saturday 22nd Feb Topic Presenter/s
Start End
10:00 10:15 Endless joy of creativity Berislava World
10:15 10:30 there will be a 15 minute break between sessions through the day
10:30 11:15 Extended – Why do so many people in Yoga classes have bunions? Dr Cherye Roche
11:30 11:45 Forest and Bird active In Conservation on the North Shore North Shore Forest and Bird
12:00 12:15 Breath – an universal tool to life Art of Living Foundation
12:30 12:45 Stopping smart metters Katherine Smith
13:00 – 13:45 Extended Session – The World Peace Diet Dr Will Tuttle
14:00 14:15 Uncensored Health Jonathan Eisen from NZ Journal of Natural Medicine
14:30 14:45 The benefits of Social Enterprise Adriana Avendano from Conscious Consumers and GWAMU
15:00 15:15 Finding Our Tribe: lessons learned along the way Ahika Community Trust
15:30 15:45 Deep sea oil – not worth the risk. What you can do about it Gen Toop and Robin Wilson Whiting from Greenpeace
16:00 16:15
Coromandel Story: Communities holding power & inspiration for taking action
Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki
16:30 16:45 Principles of the Universal Peace Federation (the family is the school of love) Universal Peace Federation


Sunday 23rd Feb  Topic  Presenter/s
Start End    
10:00 10:15 Thought, work and actions Alan Jamesersum
10:30 10:45 YEPT – Yoga Education in Prisons Aotearoa YEPT
11:00 11:15 Empowering the youth of the 21st Century Youth ambassadors from Soul Destiny Foundation
11:30 11:45 Experiences in home composting and time banking from a local environment
Whaingaroa Environment Centre
12:00 12:15 Accessing Your Gifts of Divine Potential Gail Taylor
12:30 12:45 Saving Paradise Forest Emma Brodie from Greenpeace
13:00 – 13:45 Extended Session – The song that is singing the earth Laura Clark
14:00 14:15 How to end fluoridation in Auckland Fluoride Action Network
14:30 14:45 Fonterra’s proposed coal mine near Auckland Coal Action Network
15:00 – 15:45 Extended Session – Natural Therapies from a Holistic Perspective Wellpark College of Natural Therapies
16:00 16:25 Ending the food war Sam Shay
16:25 16:30 Little break
16:30 16:45 How to eat local, clean and cheap Sam Shay


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