History Of The Land

History Of The Land
Kauri c History Of The Land

Mature Kauri tree, just one of many on the 19 acres of Kawai Purapura

This property was purchased by the Prema Trust in 2009, with the purpose of healing the land of its history and developing a long held dream of a residential care programme for natural medicine. It is currently a residential village of more than 90 people, a flourishing yoga centre, and a workshop and retreat centre. The property has also served as a venue for Wellpark Diploma classes.

Blessed, cleared and revealed by Ngati Whatua as Kawai Purapura, the name signifies a nexus point between the memories of the past and the seed for the future.

The site’s history includes a period as the CentrePoint commune and community, established in Albany during the 1970s. That era dissolved in dissarray as spiritual leader Bert Potter and other senior members were convicted on a number of criminal charges during the early 1990s.

Today, Kawai Purapura offers a tranquil setting for many energetic yoga and spiritual practices, alongside music, dance, healing and natural therapies.