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Unity in Diversity

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Jenny has a long history in natural therapies, and now concentrates on building Kawai Purapura into New Zealand’s leading centre for well-being education and spiritual unfoldment.

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Love All – Serve All

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Dyana had been part of the management team of Wellpark College and Kawai Purapura for over ten years. She has been dedicated to helping students, tutors, residents and workshop leaders achieve their goals.

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Shian Perawiti has a yogini’s sense of balance for her Retreat Coordinator role. With a background in festivals, fashion, yoga and events, Shian is passionate about inspiring others to live healthy happy lives and is also a part time yoga teacher.

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Ruthie invites you to experience a unique program to enliven your body, mind and spirit through the power of raw juices and detoxification. Ruthie’s motto is “Relax, Revive, Rejuvenate, Inspire.”

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The yoga teachers at Kawai Purapura cover a wide range of traditions, based on a holistic approach to the body, including Astanga, Integral, Satyananda, Hatha, Kundalini, Integrated and Vinyasa Flow.

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Akiko has a zen master’s patience and equanimity, perfect attributes for her many roles in “the hub of Kawai Purapura”. As anyone knows who’s worked in hospitality, Reception means Solutions – solutions for all things for all people!

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Prema shares her time between wonderful administrative tasks at Kawai Purapura and, recently, at Wellpark College, with her growing talent as an actress. Stay tuned for further celebrity updates.

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For Jaynee, food is her art and passion, combining great love of food with love for people. Twenty years as a chef includes inspiration at retreat centers and uplifting the lives of many through her food creations.

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Brian has an international career in media and broadcast, but says he has never been happier than with the range of work and creativity available at Kawai Purapura.

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Jyoshna’s speciality is devotional music of India and she recently launched her 19th solo album Unity Hours II produced by gold medallist Michael Lloyd. Jyoshna is the first westerner to complete her PhD on “Kīrtan and Ecstatic performance in Bengal, India”.

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Ortrude  has a passion for gardening. Her inspired craftwork can be seen all around Kawai Purapura in the flower beds and shrubbery. During her time as a resident at Sai Baba’s ashram in India this passion really took hold.

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Tony, property maintenance manager extraordinaire, has been with us since the birth of Kawai Purapura in January 2009. He manages a sensational team of woofers to ensure the gardens and buildings are all in top condition.

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Terry comes from a long ancestry of cottage gardeners. Passionate about community gardens, he transformed the grounds of a 15th Century pub into community gardens for all the local villagers. Terry’s also a folk singer, comedian and story teller.