Music at Kawai Purapura

Monthly Kirtan Nights

The Monthly Music Nights at Kawai Purapura build on a rich tradition of musical performances, from folk and spiritual all the way through to raga, dance and classical!

DIARY DATES: August 17 • Sept 21st • Oct 19th • Nov 30th

Special Guest Musicians each Month

with Dinner option

Shakti are a vibrant and talented group of female musicians who sing sacred mantras of the Divine Mother from all spiritual traditions and earth cultures. Their music connects the listener deeply with feminine qualities inherent within themselves (regardless of gender) and is both uplifting and joyous.

Shakti 2013 at Kawai Purapura   Unity in Diversity

Jyoshna and Modhurasa

Jyoshna La Trobe

Jyoshna: “Ancient and contemporary songs in Sanskrit from the Vedas, Tantric scriptures, and contemporary ‘Songs of the New dawn’ or Prabhat Samgiita, as well as nature sounds to uplift, inspire you to go deeper in your yogic practises.”

  • 7–8pm Dinner plus Music Jam
  • 8–10pm Kirtan
  • Vegetarian meal $12 • Kirtan $10
  • $20 for meal and Kirtan


PLUS watch for details of our MMNs on July 13th • Aug 17th • Sept 21st • Oct 19th • Nov 30th


Our first new-style MMN was a Multi Faith Kirtan Party on Saturday 11 May, featuring Shabda Kirtan Band.

Shabda poster

They provided a blend of eastern and western styles of music. Their energising mantras were perfect to sing along to or hear along to, “naturally taking you to a place of bliss.”

We did just as they said, leaving our worries behind and experiencing the power and serenity that flow from kirtan vibrations.

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Festivals Music Success

Music is a powerful connector and also a store of wisdom. Our 2013 Festivals included a wide range of performances.


Traditional, spiritual, indigenous, sacred and Taonga Puro sat alongside drumming and jam sessions and special workshops like “Explore Your Voice” during Voices of Sacred Earth on Feb 8th-10th.

Our enormous thanks to the wonderful musicians and presenters who made this inaugural event such a success! Which means mark your diary now for Feb 22-23 2014.

Our Yoga Festival (March 29-April 1) had strong connections with devotional music, to be enjoyed in its own right and as inspiration for meditation and other personal practice.

We heard Jyoshna and the Ananda Marga ‘Path of Bliss Choir performing a fusion of Western Choral singing, Eastern kirtan devotional songs and English folk music. Recent songs from the album Unity Hours II were performed, as well as a selection from Prabhat Samgiita ‘Songs of the New Dawn’ composed by Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar – the most celebrated devotional song Collection of the 20th century.

Plus Jeffree Clarkson’s blissful music touched the heart in a powerful way, as did the beautiful devotional ensemble music from Shakti.


Our first concert by Dylan Wade, performing songs from his new album LIFE was a great treat. Fluid guitar playing from both Dylan and special guest Antion kept the songs lively and interesting, while hand drums and drum kit, plus sax and flute, were interwoven expertly by Yair Katz and Libby Johns.

You can check back on Dylan’s music on ReverbNation and – plus buy online :)

Food Delights from Jaynee, the resident chef at Kawai Purapura, were outstanding, from tasty savouries to exquisite cakes!

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Past performances at Kawai Purapura include music as diverse as harmonium, cello, didgeridoo, guitar, flute, oboe and lute. Plus a wonderful range of vocalists and styles.

Prosad at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2013

Prosad at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2013

Mihirangi at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2013

Mihirangi at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2013

Richard Nunns at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2013

Richard Nunns at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival 2013

Jeffree Clarkson also played at our 2012 Yoga Festival:

Kawai Purapura has been honoured with the effort and events that Elandra and Antion provide, and they’ll be returning soon with even more activities:

You can see a wide range of our music history via the link below:

Inspiring Music at Kawai Purapura