Presenters at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festivals


International Wisdom Keepers join Kiwi stars of Conscious Living, Healing and Music-Making!



Kailash3Kailash Kokopelli is a sound therapist, artist and inner world musician.

He is also a photographer and teacher of Kailash Chi Movements and Songdances.

As a multi instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and producer he is an internationally requested studio- and guest musician playing a great variety of (wind) instruments ranging from Didgeridoo to (Native American) Flutes, as well as reed instruments, percussive soundscapes, drums, crystal singing bowls, string instruments and vocals.

Kailash is one of the first german didgeridoo players who helped introducing the didgeridoo to the western world. In 1996 he organised the Dreamtime Festival as the first international didgeridoo gathering in Switzerland. Kailash has over 10 years of experience in the therapeutic sound and healing effect of the vibrational harmonic frequencies of the didgeridoo.

Many have found relieve and healing during the individual and group sound massage sessions as well as in the Healing Sound Celebrations, Shamanic Journeys and Concerts. 

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Brant Secunda


Brant Secunda is a shaman, healer, and ceremonial leader in the Huichol Indian tradition of Mexico. He completed a 12-year apprenticeship with Don José Matsuwa, the renowned shaman who passed away in 1990 at the age of 110.  Don José adopted Brant as his grandson, leaving him in his place to help carry on the practice of Huichol Shamanism. Since 1979 Brant Secunda has been the Director of the Dance of the Deer Foundation Center for Shamanic Studies and leads seminars and pilgrimages worldwide. Brant is also the co-founder of the Peace University in Berlin, the American Herbalist Guild, and the  Huichol Foundation.  His work has been documented on television, radio, and in articles and books worldwide. He is the co-author of the award-winning book Fit Soul Fit Body: 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

Brant will be presenting at Voices of Sacred Earth 2014 – see the Timetable for details.

Brandon Strickland

Brandon-Strickland_Born in Ontario, Brandon had founded the Rejuvenation Network and assisted in the development of several sustainable communities around Canada.

With past professional experience in property investing, Brandon now devotes his time towards aiding the human spirit in reaching an age of post-industrialization and post-capitalism, where the fundamental characteristics of a truly sustainable global civilization are practised in harmony with all of nature and mankind alike.  Highly respecting all forms of life and cultural expressions, Brandon now designs systems to serve as a bridge between today’s socioeconomic reality, and the future of environmentally and socially sustainable practices essential in maintaining the quality of life for generations to come.

tamashii drummers 2Tamashii Drummers

Tamashii Taiko Drummers is a contemporary Japanese taiko drumming troupe based in Auckland, New Zealand.  We are best known for our high-energy performances, and for mixing martial arts movements into our performing styles.

Tamashii has performed on TV1, TV3, WorldTV, and SkySports several times, and in the Rugby World Cup grand opening ceremony, and we collaborate often with international artists.

Tamashii composes and choreographs our own music, designs our own costumes, teaches five levels of taiko classes, and builds all of our own drums – including Tamashii’s 2.6m tall giant drum “The O-daiko” which is thought to be the largest performing drum in the Southern Hemisphere.

SikaSika Vose2014

SIKA – World Musician – Acoustic Tribal Trance

Literally leaping into the British Alternative music scene in the 90’s, with his unique blend of  Didjeridoo, Drum, Flute and dance, Sika was immediately recognised for his natural talent and truly commanding performances.

Sika combines acrobatically agile body movements with absolutely stunning matching rhythms and expertly percussed Didjeridoo sounds.

Playing several instruments at the same time, intuitively creating primordial sounds to take us gliding down the river of dreaming.


rashani-portraitAn artist & activist since childhood, Rashani has shared concerts, councils & retreats throughout the world since the 1980’s. She took refuge in India with Ling Rinpoche in 1982, was adopted as a sister by Brooke Medicine Eagle the following year and was ordained by Thich Nhat Hahn in 1992. Rashani skillfully interweaves her passion for earth-based spirituality and shamanism with self inquiry, “the direct approach,” the Deep Feminine, process-oriented & Buddhist psychology, mindfulness practice and several decades of immersion in nondual traditions. She’s also a mother, musician, builder, architect, farmer, grief counselor, the author of several books and the founder of Kipukamaluhia Sanctuary in Hawai`i, where she offers individual & group retreats throughout the year.

DJ Anirvan: From New Wave and Punk, via Ibiza to Rajadhiraja Yoga

DJ Anirvan reached a turning point in 2006 when he encountered the practice of meditation of Rajadhiraja Yoga (Ananda Marga).

He explains: “From that point my life changed. My productions are therefore a combination of the experiences from all my experiences. In this universal flow of divine creation, I just play and dance according to the will of the Divine.

“Rather than give limiting names to the genres, I describe my music as beats, rhythms, textures, and different colours. My philosophy is that the genre distinctions themselves aren’t important, the emotional content of the music is.

“Experimentation and sound research have always been key points of growth in art and music for me. I was raised in the 70′s in a small Italian town near the border of France. At 16 I started playing British new wave, ska and punk sounds at friend’s parties, then in a few local clubs.

“In 1989 I went to Ibiza and this changed my way of perceiving music, due to the sound of Techno, and so for more than 15 years I DJ’ed all around Italy, especially at rave and warehouse parties.”

DJ Anirvan will host a special late-night Mantra Trance on Saturday – see Timetable for details.

Antion: Guitarist, Sikh, Sacred Sound Celebration

antion-solo-100pxAntion: 60’s world-class guitarist of rock star fame, he was the first Kundalini Yoga teacher in UK and Europe in 1970, the first non-Indian to sing sacred Kirtan in India’s Golden Temple, and the first non-Hawaiian to be honored as a master of chant.

Antion’s musical multicultural presentations include: Sacred Voice Sound Celebration, Hawaiian music, chant, inspirational music for New Thought Churches, and Sikh Sacred music for festivals and Temples worldwide.

He teaches Naad Yoga and Sacred Voice Empowerment internationally. Antion gives private sessions in Sacred Voice, guitar and emotional healing. His unique talent lies in helping heal the source of anxieties and fears that keep your voice and expression shackled, and freeing it into a state of sustainable joy.

Antion will also run workshops and seminars with Elandra – see Timetable for details.

Tanya Batt 3Tanya Batt: Storyteller, Arts Educator, Writer

In short, Tanya Batt is a self confessed story-o-phile and frock-o-holic. Hailing from Waiheke Island, Aotearoa, New Zealand she is a South Pacific pirate princess, a black butterfly, a word warbler and story stitcher who channelled her childhood propensity for talking and her love of dressing up into a real ‘imaginary job’.

Her work as an arts educator, storyteller and author feeds into her work as the Creative Director of the Once Upon An Island Trust based on Waiheke Island where she runs an ongong programme of workshops and events that use storytelling as a community building tool.

 Jeffree Clarkson

jeffree-clarksonJeffree Clarkson, New Zealand composer and visionary, has dedicated his life to composing and recording music that naturally turns the attention inward and provides a peaceful atmosphere for the practice of meditation. Achieving deep relaxation is made easier in the company of Jeffree’s beautiful flowing music.

Using music technology Jeffree has crafted natural sounding and gentle flowing arrangements that form soundscapes of musical bliss. Over this he solos on a wind-controlled Keytar in a unique and highly emotive presentation.

Phillip-CottinghamPhillip Cottingham

Registered naturopath, herbalist and body therapist with over thirty years in professional practice, with many years of teaching experience in natural therapies, Phillip co-founded Wellpark College in 1990 and has continued to guide the progress of the College to become one of the largest institutions of its kind in Australasia.

Committed to the integration of traditional medicine with modern scientific approaches, Phillip is fostering research capability amongst practitioners and students of natural medicine, with the vision to establish a natural therapies teaching hospital and research centre at Kawai Purapura, Albany for the advancement of integration of natural medicine into mainstream health care.

Jimi Dale: Djembe Drums, West African Polyrhythms

Jimi Dale has been teaching African style hand drum courses in Auckland since 1995.

His classes use djembe drums from West Africa and concentrate on West African rhythms and songs.

Jimi’s focus is on how polyrhythm works and how to use rhythm to inspire your own ability to improvise.

In his concerts and classes, Jimi also explores some of the healing music and rhythms of southern Africa.

During the festival there will be a chance to learn some African dance as well! See Timetable for details.

Daring DonnaDaring Donna’s Children of the Lighthouse

Donna, who likes to be known only as Daring Donna, is a member of the group that set it up a community facility that operates loosely on a “gift economy” principle. She has a career background that includes economics at a corporate level. She says she wanted to find out more about our fascination with money and relationship to it. “We’ve turned it into a tool for survival but when you have relationships you don’t need money,” she says.     The Lighthouse at Peria, Northland, a few kms inland from Doubtless Bay, is a light-hearted gathering space with community events & a holistic health & healing practice set in the heart of a creative portal in the Far North NZ- between Kaeo & Kataia. Daring Donna is the lighthouse keeper.

Jonathan EvattJonathan Evatt

Awakening early in life, Jonathan has dedicated his life to spiritual liberation and serving those who have a heart-felt intent to be free—to realise the full potential of their Being as known to the Divine. An award winning author and a sought- after teacher, for the past 6 years he has been invited to hold seminars & retreats in many countries. Jonathan is a gifted teacher sharing an integration of timeless heart-centered wisdom for a life of spiritual freedom, purpose, and alignment with the Divine.


Michael Fleck

Michael FleckMichael Fleck brings 40 years of event coordination, marketing and management experience to the direction and promotion of the talented resource agency Good Company Pacific.

He has managed touring artist programmes for the Arts Council of New Zealand, produced major conferences on peace and the environment, and organised national tours and workshops for visiting authors and artists, including Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, Rupert Sheldrake, Paul Horn, Elisabet Sahtouris, Barry Brailsford, Dan Millman and Neale Donald Walsch.

Since 1992 he has shaped indigenous culture/arts journeys in Hawaii, Rarotonga, and New Zealand, and has been on the management team of retreat and conference centres in Hawaii, California and New Zealand. He has lectured in literature and the humanities at the University of Hawaii and the University of Auckland. Through event design, community netweaving, and visionary art and film, he aims to evoke and celebrate our shared humanity and our planetary essence.

Ojasvin and Iris Davis

IRIS AND OJASVINOjasvin Kingi Davis is Maori from the people of Ngaitupoto, Ngatihine, Ngapuhi of Aotearoa, New Zealand. His bloodline and family traditions reaches back to the stream of Waitaha and Waiomu. In his upbringing and studies he was uniquely immersed in his living culture. Since 1998 he has been studying the Yoga of Integral Learning with his teacher Shin. Ojasvin became a fully certified teacher for Yoga of Integral Learning of the school Min-I.L.I.T. in 2008 and has been carrying the teachings worldwide, integrated into the Grandmothers Healing Haka Programme, that he co-created with his wife Iris.

Iris Häusermann Davis was born and raised in Switzerland. Her parents presented her an artistic upbringing connected to nature through the Waldorf School of Zug. Continuing on she became a public teacher before she studied theater and dance in Zürich. Since 2003 Iris has been studying  the Yoga of Integral Learning with Shin and is a certified teacher of the basic Elements from the school Min-I.L.I.T.

The GRANDMOTHERS HEALING HAKA INTEGRAL LEARNING PROGRAMME has been developed by Ojasvin and his wife Iris since 2004. They have been co-teaching ever since and are constantly evolving their way of sharing. They are balancing the male and female, the sun and moon energy and are loved to be experienced together all around the world. Grandmothers Healing Haka is based on Tikanga Maori and Yoga of Integral Learning. It includes the elements of Haka, Waiata, physical exercises, lightbody exercises, meditation, songs, rhythm and elements of ritual for your well being. It connects you to your spiritual roots, to Rangi-Nui and Papatuanuku. It harmonises your male and female energies and creates peace within yourself.The original Haka named “Grandmothers Healing Haka” was created by Mere Tewake Tana, her grandson Ojasvin Kingi Davis and Whanau in 1998, inspired by the “Earth celebration” in Switzerland, an arts festival of all cultures of the world. More information:

Ojasvin and Iris have been  co-working around the world since 2004. They have co-created the integral learning programme of Grandmothers Healing Haka as well as the PAIO-Healing with massage and shamanic healing techniques. In May 2010 they founded the Grandmothers Healing Haka Charitable Trust. In 2013 they became official representatives of the Circle of the Wise in France and participate every year in the Shamanic Festival in Dôle.

Peter ForsterPeter-Forster-255px

Peter Forster is a multi instrumentalist, singer and composer who loves exploring the harmonising and healing potential of music and voice.

He has released several Cds of his meditative and heart-felt music , including two best selling CDs specifically for use with Reiki healing. Peter also enjoys building a variety of instruments that he uses in his sound work, including Guitars, Native American style flutes, and a harp. He offers personalised one on one sound relaxation sessions utilizing his self made sound therapy table (with strings that provide a beautiful sound to drift away on), tibetan bowls, overtone singing and flute music. These sessions offer deep relaxation. Peter also loves to facillitate sound workshops where people can revel in the simple joy of toneing and overtone singing, and chanting with easily learnt harmonies and songs. These workshops suit all levels of vocal ability. Peter has lived on Waiheke Island, NZ for the past eight years, and has previously spent seven years living in Sweden running voice workshops and performing throughout Europe.

Dr Nicky Hamid Author and Spiritual Guide 

Nicky HamidNicky has trained in the mystery schools and taught, as a Professor of psychology, self-awareness, and aligning with Higher Self for over forty years. He has been dubbed “The Professor of Happiness” and he has conducted spiritual retreats and self-awareness workshops in many countries.

Nicky has maintained a private mentoring practice for almost half a century focussed on self-empowerment.He has authored three books and 5 ebooks the latest of which is “Quantum Self Healing: The Power of Mandalas”.

Nicky is a Gatekeeper and Wayshower.

He now shares his Shine, his gifts of remembering with anyone who asks. His message is one of total recall, of human lovingness, the reverence, and love of self and thus all life, and the touch of human angels living in ownership of their own Divine, Shining Presence.


Reinhard Kanuka-FuchsReinhard Kanuka-Fuchs

Reinhard now in his 70ties has become an elder and mentor for creating sacred places such as the tara sanctuary at mana and now matri deep the cathedral of light at kawai purapura…..a retired professor of sustainable architecture and founder of the building biology and ecology institute in new zealand and of tui ecovillage in golden bay, he offers a vast experience in eco building and sustainable living…. Reinhard is a scientist but he speaks from his heart…. an international researcher, teacher and presenter often in cooperation with other cutting edge scientists like quantum biologist Bruce Lipton…. he has been a pionier of healthy building all his life…especially in sacred geometry and bioharmonic architecture… his vision is to create places in harmony with life that will inspire people to heal the land and heal the people.…. his work connects people with buildings and with the land…. foremost on a vibrational level…..

Dr Jyoshna La Trobe: Composer, Ethnographer, Workshop Leader

Dr Jyoshna La Trobe is a composer, ethnomusicologist and international workshop leader who has authored over 25 albums of original and ethnographic albums.

Jyoshna at a Kirtan at FortalezaJyoshna’s speciality is devotional music of India, and completed her PhD on “Kīrtan and Ecstatic performance in Bengal, India”, becomingthe first westerner to gain a doctorate in Rarhi Bangla Kirtan.

Jyoshna is a long time meditator and kirtaniya (kirtan singer) on the “Path of Bliss”, and has a profound understanding of ‘praise music’ as a music genre in itself, and of its healing qualities, which she terms “Raga Therapy”. Recently returned from her international tour of the USA, Europe, Brazil and the Philippines, she is now performing and teaching in NZ.

Jyoshna and team will lead two workshops covering the foundation blocks of devotional music (kīrtan), focusing on specific kirtan ragas and instrumentation, such as guitar and Indian khol drum. Jyoshna explains: “We will learn songs that invoke the divine, heal feelings of loss, overcome negativity, balance the mind, induce compassion and ecstasy, all designed to inspire and uplift you.”

 Jyoshna is proudly accompanied by: Kavita Neumannova on Indian khol drum who trained with drum master Sri Jagaran Mahato from Purulia, India, and Marie Willis (Sarasvati) playing clarinet, flute, saxophone, recorder and other magical instruments, who is a Music Therapist and Dalcroze Eurhythmic specialist as well as a performer – see the Timetable for details.

Jyoshna, Kavita and Marie form the group Modhu rasa and perform at festivals, Yoga Centres and venues internationally. 

Hans LavenHans Laven

Hans Laven practices as a psychologist and has also played in bands and performed solo since the 1970’s.  In recent years he jammed regularly with various groups of friends and acquaintances as well as at acoustic music clubs and he developed an interest in the process and psychology of successful jamming.

Helen Barneshelen barnes1

Helen Barnes is an International Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Author. Helen offers a range of gifts, channelled in a state of surrender, to assist those awakening to divine truth. She sometimes refers to herself as the Metaphysical GP because of the diversity of her gifts and also a Transformation Coach, as so many of her clients experience huge shifts in consciousness through her facilitation processes.  She is divinely guided by spirit and works with the Language of Light as powerful sound frequencies penetrate deep within re-calibrating molecular structure and bringing all levels of being back into balance. Her toning sounds are experienced as pure vibration and literally cut through the veil of illusion to reveal divine truth. The focus of Helen’s teaching at this time is preparing people for the new earth energies. As changes are throwing humanity into chaos, there is a real opportunity for each of us to reclaim the full potential of all that we are as divine spirit incarnate.  Helen facilitates spiritual growth through healing, guidance, retreats and sacred journeys.  She lived at the Pyramids of Egypt over a period of 5 years and has always been a ‘traveller’.  She lives in a state of open-hearted surrender, guided by spirit to flow with ease and grace deeper into the mysteries of life.

Further information about Helen is available on

Chewy and BexChewy and Beck

Chewy has been playing African drum for over 12 years and has been entertaining children for over 4 years. He is a laughter yoga instructor and has created a fun interactive play sessions for children and parents alike. Bex is a laughter yoga instructor and has years of experience in dance and performance. She is also skilled at channelling her inner clown. Together they make an awesome duo of fun and silliness whilst being able to teach some core value based lessons in life.


Vasumi Zjikaa (Blue Rhythmic Monkey) has been an initiate of the Mayan Dreamspell for the past 17 years, journeying with it daily by teaching seminars, sharing lectures, sacred Art theatre and personal sessions to initiate kin into their spiritual work in alignment with the synchronic order in natural time… By simply following her passion with this she has become a key figure in the initiation of New Time as a culture in Australasia…

Having attended many seminars with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan, she was inspired to organise tours for Jose to share his message of the ‘Law of Time’The daily practice of attunement to the Mayan Dreamspell codes encouraged her to share these trance-missions in a daily blog set up in dedication to the awakening to natural time, after Jose’s passing in March 2010…

Lynn WaltersLynn Walters

Lynn has been an entertainer, singer, musician for 30 years. For the first 20 years of her career, she pursued the normal path of band work, pub and club gigs etc. It wasn’t until she started singing for the elderly in Rest Homes that she really came into an understanding of how powerful the voice  is as a healing tool. This lead her to a Chris James Workshop and from there she started to develop her own way of working.

“She realised that words really do ‘get in the way’ and one can create amazing bliss and harmony with just the voice so she created something she called ‘SOUNDBATHING’…literally bathing the listeners in sound. Participants  described the experience as a ‘healing, nurturing, uplifting Energy.”  Imagine the amount of healing, nurturing energy that can be created when many voices combine to create a vortex of sound! You can be part of this experience by joining Lynn in the CIRCLE OF SOUND on Saturday at 4pm in the Bedouin Tent. No experience necessary – just a desire to blend your voice and heart in harmony with others!

Gus-promo-poseGus Simonovic

Gus Simonovic is a touring performance artist. Poet and educator. Photographer and Yoga teacher. Postmodernist and post-materialist. Father and a sustainable living fanatic. Creative entrepreneur and , producer of contemporary cross-disciplinary performances with a strong spoken word component. Initiator, supporter, creator, connector, administrator, innovator, organiser, collaborator, promoter … of everything POETRY.

Gus is an impresario of Printable Reality. Printable Reality is a platform, an agency, a meeting place with the ultimate goal to positively contribute to advancement of spoken word/poetry scene in NZ and beyond. It is social enterprise with a focus on encouraging broader community engagement, education and poetic expression. Working towards lifting the standard of artist representation, interconnecting artists, venues and organisers, creating space for cross-disciplinary collaboration, building the operations team to be able to professionally deliver diverse programmes and projects and enabling more poets to be respected and paid for their work.

Barry Brailsford MBE: Author and Storyteller

Barry Brailsford MBE has spent much of his life researching, learning and sharing the history and ancient lore of the Maori and Polynesian people.

Barry explains: “Placing the latest scientific studies alongside the histories of the ancestors is an exciting experience.

“When the elders asked me to bring the ancient lore of the Maori/Polynesian people into the world, I had no idea that might mean. It brought an astounding library of over 3,000 chants into play in a powerful way. Some lasted for hours and some for days. They encapsulated an ethos for a life lived in a good way … philosophies and principles based on a remarkable understanding of people and the world we live in.

“I have been carried into ancient Polynesian seaways and the lore of the navigation stars, propelled along the mountain trails of the sacred stone, sent into remarkable gardens in the ocean and on the shore, wrapped in the cloak of secret histories and given access to the highest Houses of Learning.

“That astonishing pool of knowledge grew deeper as Hawaiian lore and that of the Hopi of Arizona, the Haida of the North West Pacific and the Chumash of California was also placed in my basket. This incredible store of priceless indigenous wisdom has been my guide and my joy.”

Barry will host sessions at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2014. See Timetable for details.

Gary Cook: Researcher, Author, Gary Cook1Temple Knight

Gary Cook is a leading writer on the special nature of the mystic realms that are to be found in New Zealand. An explorer of ancient sacred places and energy sites in the unique New Zealand landscape, Gary has devoted many years of searching and writing of the wonders to be found within the islands of New Zealand and the South Pacific.  His extensive journeys and experiences allow him to share much of the deeper nature of the forests, the waters and the mountains that allows us all to connect with the natural order in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Gary has appeared on television programs, hosted a radio show and leads groups on journeys to sacred sites in New Zealand. He has recently released a new documentary on the Faery folk in New Zealand “VOICES FROM THE FOREST”.  Open to all that might unfold, he says…. ‘ My journey into our past has taken me into the land in ways that have surprised me. I have touched the stone and the waters and in turn been touched by them. I have traced the outline of ancient carved symbols with the tips of my fingers and been moved. I have been taken beyond the story to the spirit that is of this land, of it’s past, of it’s many people of yesteryear, and now….Thus do the ancestors speak and thus are they honoured when we stand still and listen.’

What he writes of is not a hard edged history. But it does cut deep, for it walks the margins where the truth so often abides.’

Zane LazosZane-promo-300px

Zane Lazos is a musician and composer who uses a combination of the Turkish bowed tanbur (yaylı tanbur), saz (plucked stringed instrument), voice, and digital sampler and sequencer to realise a sonic space aimed at ecstatic dance and deep listening. This has been previously presented through the performance art project called Azphodel as well as other collaborative and solo efforts. Growing this practise from a foundation of traditional Western music education, training in Turkish music in the United States (with Chris Henke and master musician Timucin Cevikoglu) and Turkey (with master musician Sadun Aksüt), and along with numerous other world music influences, Zane seeks to blend ancient with contemporary and chart new musical waters wherever they may lead.

Tim Lynch: Host of Greenplanet FM

Tim Lynch 2Tim is one of New Zealand’s foremost students of the Gaia (Living Earth) theory. His entertaining and insightful presentation unfolds a fascinating and forceful story about our home planet and how we perceive Life here. Originally from Matamata – Hobbiton and of European and Maori ancestry,Tim has studied the Gaia Hypothesis since 1984. Flying through Gaia’s “respiratory system” in near-earth orbit for 17 years as an Air New Zealand crewman, Tim experienced heightened perceptions of the similarities between our planet and the human organism — and the abuses both are suffering.  For whilst flying through Gaia’s respiratory system, he was also able to visit and study most of the many ancient civilisation sites as well as meet up with leading edge philosophers, thinkers and initiators and stay in many spiritual communities, ashrams and co-operatives.

Tim is dedicated to interviewing leading edge experts, practitioners in their field, and people who are living examples of sustainability. His Podcasts cover environmental subject matter that is not readily discussed in depth in mainstream media. Tim’s Blog covers points of interest such as the ‘Earth Files’ that listeners can become involved in to facilitate positive options in reducing our ecological footprint, acting in truly sustainable ways and working towards becoming more carbon neutral.

Elandra Kirsten Meredith: “Hawaian Chanting For Healing”

antion-and-elandra-hawaii-204pxElandra K. Meredith, LMT, BA:  is a  Yoga teacher of 40 years, a 16-year director of a West Coast Yoga Center, author of five Yoga Manuals, midwife, and international founder/director teacher-trainer of her own healing work, Lomi Chi Holographic Healing.

A medicine woman medical intuitive healer, she has 37 years of ancient wisdom discipline in Yogic, Kundalini, Taoist, Chinese Medicine, Toltec, Mexican and Hawaiian shamanic traditions, and has taught Goddess Embodies workshops on Kauai and internationally.Elandra’s extensive experience includes professional multimodality practice in five Healing Centers, and encompasses 36 years of research and practice in 33 healing modalities.Hawaiian chant, hula, music and stories all honor the sacred and ceremonial and are centered on the reverence for Nature, Goddess and Mother Earth. Antion and Elandra will share chant, drumming, music and basic hula steps you can use with the intention of empowering you in your own self-healing and life.Antion and Elandra divide their time between NZ and Hawaii, (their home for 17 years). Their dedication and mastery of chant was recognized by an invitation to perform the ceremonies for the inauguration of the Governor, an honour reserved for only Hawaiian-born Kahuna, thus breaking protocol. They lead international Aloha focused Yoga, Sacred Voice and Healing workshops, concerts, and Sacred Sites and Sounds Journeys through Hawaii.

Sarah and Tom NicholsonSarah and Tom

Sarah and Tom Nicholson are on a journey of remembering how to feel at home in the natural world and are pleased to have the opportunity to share some of what they have learned so far.

They are enthusiastic foragers and are always keen to find out more about our wild plant neighbours. They share a love of natural crafts, including naturally tanning hides and working with harakeke. They also have a passion for fermented foods.

Sarah has a background in illustrating children’s books, and Tom is qualified as a GP and has also trained in Hakomi Experiential Psychotherapy. They are inspired by the work of Jon Young and the Wilderness Awareness School in the United States and Tom has been studying with the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.  Since meeting at a Permaculture Design Course, they have been exploring ways to live in a balanced way in connection with themselves, each other and the non-human world.

Yvonne Murphy 1Dr Yvonne Murphy

Dr Yvonne Murphy takes a lyrical, light approach to healing families and animals. A background in cranio, chiro, pediatrics, medical intuition and animal healing is mixed with a reverence of the superhuman power of the Divine Great Mystery. Monthly workshop and private sessions areavailable at Kawaipurapura, where she has lived happily for 2 years … More info on

Ngaronoa Renata

ngaronoa 2

Ngaronoa’s whanau returned to their ancestral whenua in the Whangaroa Harbour when she was 13 years old. The proud totara tree welcomed the whanau to her grandmother’s whare in Kaeo -Mangaiti. The healthy manuka burned brightly in nanny’s wood stove. Her whaea – Doreen May Renata was her cultural teacher and spiritual guide. A spiritual warrior of a different generation. Ngaronoa was constantly in wānanga with her whaea, who planted her wisdom knowledge of Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) and the forest lore – (Nga tamariki o Tane Mahuta) as a waiata with no end to the verses in her ngakau (heart).

Michael O’Donnell: Artist, Environmentalist, Storyteller Catalyst

Michael O’Donnell of Tarariki Pottery is an artist, environmentalist, storyteller and catalyst. In his own unique way he has learned to walk the path of the old peoples of New Zealand and Ireland.

Some know of him as “the water man”, who passionately strives to protect and tell the story of water. Some know of him as the clay worker whose hands create magnificent sculptures and beautiful receptacles for good slow food. Some know of him as an environmental warrior trying to stop gold mining in the Coromandel, or as the man who walked from Cape Reinga to Taupo to bring attention to the sad plight of the Heritage seeds of New Zealand.

After receiving notification that a long fought battle to save a pristine ecology had failed, some years ago Michael created a set of magnificent heads. Powerful in their own right, Michael explains they were “in response to an overwhelming sadness that we weren’t listening to what the land, sky and water were saying!”

Michael O’Donnell will share his unique blend of Celtic and Maori wisdom at Voices of Sacred Earth Festival 2014 – see Timetable for details.

Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber: Matakite (Medicine Woman)

franchelle-portrait-240pxFranchelle Ofsoské-Wyber is a New Zealander of Russian and Native American Cherokee descent, born with highly developed clairvoyant and healing gifts and comes from a lineage of medicine men and women.

Franchelle is described in Maoridom by highly respected kaumatua and traditional guardians of the old wisdom as being a genuine “matatuhi” – one who can read what is written in the wind and a “matakite”, one who sees with the healing or the third eye. She has been fully initiated into the Kura Huna, the Mystery school of the Maori.

A custodian of the secret shamanic healing techniques for her lineage, she is unique in her ability to directly access the collective pool of ancient earth wisdom and to access universal mind at the 12th plane level of indigenous memory.

Franchelle is extensively trained in rongoa and the sacred plant lore of Aotearoa and highly attuned to the devic realm, and is able to communicate directly with the ancient people and the ‘atua’ or gods and goddesses of Aotearoa.

Franchelle is also founder and director of the Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies™. She began her extra- ordinary life’s work after receiving her medicine name ‘Buffalo Woman Returns’ when she was seven years old.

james-painting-icon1James Painting

James has performed all over the world, specialising in freestyle solos. His technique, amazing body isolations and hard hitting style captures any audience! He has a real passion for teaching and wants to spread his love for dance to anyone who is willing to learn!  In 2003 James embarked on a journey to Las Vegas with the eagerness to learn more about the history of Popping. Whilst in Las Vegas he took private lessons from Poppin Pete who is a member of the Electric Boogaloos who were the founders of Popping, as well as legendary ‘Skeeter Rabbit’. James left inspired and enthusiastic to continue learning Popping and became one of the best at a style known as cobra/snaking.  James is a very experienced teacher and has been teaching at the world famous Pineapple studios in Covent Garden for the past 8 years!  James has taught in workshops in Czech Republic Prague, in 2008 and 2009. He has featured in many music videos with top U.K artists.

Uncle Philbertphilbert2

The founder member of the Animated CountrysiderZ, Philbert is the pioneer of the Popping dance scene in Wales and is now currently spreading this amazing dance style around World.  He specializes in teaching & performing this unique style of dance called Popping which originated in California in the late 70’s. From a young age Philbert was inspired to dance by Michael Jackson and footage of street dancing on T.V but living in a small countryside village in south Wales he found there was no one teaching this style of dance in Wales.  His hunger to learn lead him to traveling the world where he met & learnt off popping legends including Alex “Mechanikool” Peters, Pop N Todd, Popping Jack, Uncle funk, James Painting, Greenteck & Waveomatic.  Recently he has also been lucky enough to travel to California where Popping was created to be personal taught by Popping legend and Michael Jackson’s personal teacher for 20 years Pop N Taco. Philbert is now passing on all his knowledge, skills, love & passion for the dance to anyone with the will to learn by teaching weekly classes, one off workshops & hosting dance events with some of the world best dancers.

Raewyn Peart

Raewyn Peart

Raewyn is a Senior Policy Analyst for the Environmental Defence Society.  Since 2001 she has concentrated on economic and environmental policy analysis and has published on resource management, landscape, coastal management and oceans issues.  At the Eco Festival she will be introducing  her latest book  on dolphins and discussing why it is important to love our oceans and our dolphins.

The Environmental Defence Society is a not-for-profit environmental organisation committed to improving environmental outcomes within New Zealand. It was established in 1971 by a group of law students and scientists wanting to bring together the disciplines of science, law and planning to promote good environmental outcomes. Since its inception, EDS has had a long and largely successful history of litigating environmentally significant cases. It has become increasingly involved in providing support and capacity building for individuals, community organisations and councils; in undertaking research and policy analysis on key environmental issues; and in profiling key issues through seminars and conferences.

Carl Pickens Eco-sustainability

carl-pickens-162pxCarl Pickens is an award winning Landscape Architect and Organic Grower with a penchant for all things sustainable. He has been planning, designing, and implementing gardens in various forms across New Zealand for over 10 years. More recently Carl has been involved with a number of public scale and community projects in both Auckland and Canterbury; including a temperate Food Forest near Waihi and a privately run nature school in Canterbury. He frequently speaks and runs workshops on a variety of organic growing and design related topics, and is a popular presenter. His talks are known to be highly informative, interesting, and occasionally entertaining. Carl will be offering one talk and one workshop at the Sacred Earth Festival.

Sylvia RandsSylvia Rands

Sylvia Rands has worked with the Voice and transformative process for 30 years – as actor, voice teacher and sound healer.         Her vocal system, Four Elements Voice, is a potent mix which aligns the being, opens the heart and empowers the individual creative voice. She is based in Auckland and teaches a range of classes and workshops which introduce each participant to the power of their unique voice , through speech, song, movement and acting. ( Facebook : Four Elements Voice )


Premratna-Sarah-SpencePremratna (Sarah Spence) learned Sacred Dance while living at Yasodhara Ashram in Canada and found it a very powerful practice.  Here in Aotearoa, she teaches a variety of workshops in dance and kirtan as well as teaching Satyananda Yoga (TM) at Manipura yoga Centre where she shares kirtan (joyful chanting) regularly. Premratna is also a singer/songwriter and a founding member of the kirtan band Shakti.

Lynda SayerLinda Sayer

Linda Raukura Sayer (nee. Kingi/Davis) is of Ngaitai (Tainui) and Ngati Hine (Ngapuhi) decent.  She is a qualified Natural Therapist, Rongoa Practitioner, ‘Kaha Ra’ Mirimiri Therapist, Registered Marriage Celebrant(CANZ) and qualified tutor (ACAT). She uses ancient wisdom, modern knowledge, wairua and natures transforming power to heal.  In 2012 Linda had a transformational epiphany and was told by source in the form of a ancient Pohutukawa that it was her purpose and life path to make and teach maori medicine and bring it back to the people. Since then Linda was inspired to set up Welove Rongoa as a business which focuses on delivering Maori medicine Walks/ Maori medicine making tuition, natural health consultations, “Kaha Ra” Mirimiri Maori Massage and a wide range of organic, rongoa based skincare and healing formula’s. Everything that is harvested is done so with karakia, tikanga, protocol and intention – bringing the wairua to the medicine to support and help intensify its potency. Linda sees the launching of her business as a way forward to bring Maori Medicine to the fore and help support the healing of communities through the power of nature, wairua and wisdom.  Linda believes that Maori Medicine is the medicine of the future. Tihe Mauri ora!

Shakti Band: Sacred Songs for the Divine Mother

Shakti-2014-logo-280pxKirtan Band Shakti sing for and about the Divine Mother. Their concerts and workshops include kirtan and other activities to help you enjoy connecting through sound and song to the sacred feminine power within you.

Shakti members are:

– Emma Skellern – Premratna Sarah Spence – Fern Watson – Mel Hight – Rachel Pierard – KJ Phoenix Joy – Devashakti Leanne Harper

Eva SchererEva Sherer

Eva Scherer  is a professional body worker and the owner of several sports and therapeutic massage clinics in Auckland. In 2000 with like-minded professionals, Eva established Child Connection Trust, a registered charity. The aim of this organization is to introduce massage into the mainstream education system as a low-cost prevention for child abuse and family violence. Since then, her award winning children Massaging Children   (CMC) programme has benefited children in New Zealand as well as overseas. Eva Scherer is a member of Massage Australia, Infant Mental Health Association NZ and Attachment Parenting International. She is also a mother and grandmother.

Whetu Silver, Ngapuhi

Whetu-Silver-portrait-150pxWhetu grew up around the pa harakeke, the experiences growing up in and around this strong native plant has not only informed the way she works with it but also the way in which she shares it with others.  Her elders sat in raranga circles creating taonga with flax and this is a tradition that she continues to practise with her whanau and fellow weavers. Whetu will navigate this transformational  journey of mahi raranga with you and share  some of the on-going learning of working with flax.

From kete to wearable arts Whetu’s  has had the opportunity to learn amongst great weavers within her whanau and in tertiary study .

She is a true believer that mahi raranga  is a tool to unlock, to explore, to discover  your creative expression, it is a time for healing and rejoicing.

Atarangi Muru: Maori ‘Hands On’ Healer, Lecturer

Atarangi Muru is a Maori Healer and is affiliated to the Ngati Kuri, Te Aupouri and Te Rarawa tribes. She was raised in the small, remote, coastal community of Ahipara.

atarangi-mirimiriAtarangi explains: “My name translates as ata (dawn) rangi (light). My passion for the Maori healing arts was first ignited by my elders. Today I help people return to the dawning light that is at the core of their cells and reignite the memory of wellness and joy.“My healing training started at an early age as it did for many others in those times. Being taught at the knees of many Kuia (Elder women) and Koroua (Elder men) is the traditional method. Today I pass these healing arts forward to my children, my grandchildren and my extended family, both biological and spiritual.“Growing up in a society where healing was a natural everyday event, I did not recognise the‘training’ that was being given at the time. As my Dad said when he talked of his youth or those times of yester year, ‘Those koroua (old fullas), they didn’t talk about what they knew, they just did it.’ Meaning, they led by example.”

Makuini Ruth Tai: Aroha Ambassador For Peace and Kaitiaki Pa Manawa

Makuini is proud of her Maori heritage. She weaves the ancient wisdom of her ancestors with modern knowledge for the benefit of humanity and all life. Makuini sees herself as an Aroha Light Language Scholar and Aroha Ambassador for Peace.

Ruth-Tai-356pxShe recognizes that people who have retained their close connection to Nature and Cosmos, knowing themselves as Seeds of Greatness, have much to contribute to the modern world.“I personify Nature and Cosmos for that is the way of the culture I grew up in – even if some have forgotten. It reminds us that we are one with the whole. We are all one family no matter what our species. What affects me, affects other people and other life forms in Nature and throughout Cosmos. When you know this at the core of your being then you know you are both responsible and supported. You grow to understand that life is juicy and boredom unknown.“I believe that one of the saddest things is to leave this planet and never know you lived on paradise. I have looked at the proclaimed geniuses in western history like Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Richard Buckminster Fuller and the one thing they have in common is a vivid imagination born of a deep interest, love and respect for Nature and Cosmos.”Today Ruth lives south of Auckland at Tapapa Marae near Tirau, where she is supporting whanau to evolve an eco-sustainable marae from the earth up. “Time to create a model” she says.

Te KahaTe Kaha

Te Kaha is one of New Zealand’s most influential and respected contemporary pounamu carvers.

The artist has been working with greenstone for the past two decades and his respect for the stone is obvious both in the way he works and in the beauty of the finished product.

Te Kaha’s creations display a fluidity of form and line more commonly seen in early hand-made examples of pounamu carving – especially Hei Tiki and Hei Matau. He believes that understanding pounamu is both a learned and inherited ability and his work over the past couple of decades means that he has honed his knowledge and skill into a fine art.

“The work I do with Pounamu involves translating a thought, a whakaaro, into a Taonga (Treasure). I work the Pounamu as did my tipuna, to hold the energy, the essence of the concept within the design.” Te Kaha



Rhonda is a Modern Day Repository of Maori Knowledge Systems she is a descendant of the Ngati Porou & Whanau Apanui tribes of the Eastern Seaboard of the North Island.  A Fluent Speaker of Te Reo Maori and raised in the traditions of her Ngati Porou  & Whanau Apanui Ancestry in the coastal region of the North Island known as the Tairawhiti. A granddaughter of the illustrious Mountain Hikurangi: the first to see the light everday in the World.

Her Wairua name is Hinehikāia Tūramarama: “My name translates as Hine (female essence) hika (to light, to ignite, intiate) aia (he/she) (to stand) ramarama (to shine brightly). My passion for Maori knowledge was evident from the time I was born and is a natural part of who I am as a result of my genealogy from the beginning of time birth by birth to me right now.”

She is a professional educator having spent 16 years teaching across curriculum with children, teenagers & adults.  She currently teaches Te Reo Maori; The Maori Language & its Customs to 13 – 18 year old children in the State Education system. She also lectures full time at Te Wananga o Aotearoa: (Indigenous University) in their Diploma of Adult Education in Gisborne.

Marion titmuss1Marion Titmuss

Marion trained as a flautist and pianist but fell in love with the Pans in the 1980’s when she began teaching in schools. Since then has directed several award winning Steel Bands in the UK, arranging her own material especially for each group of musicians. She has performed all over Europe playing in Festivals, competitions and  loves giving workshops. Now living in NZ Marion teaches in schools, to community groups and also has the first NZ Disability Steel band. She will be offering a chance to come and learn to play pan (no you don’t need to be able to read music!) as well as showcasing Pan Pana the only youth Steelband in the country.


Rev. D. Marama WinderRev. Diane Winder

Rev. D. Marama Winder is one of New Zealand’s inspiring writers and speakers on healing, consciousness and transformation. As an interspiritual minister, mystic-scholar and contemplative, she is at the forefront of making both ancient and contemporary teachings accessible to all. A biologist, her early work began at Harvard teaching hospitals. She trained in Danskinetics (now YogaDance) and Movement Education from the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and many complementary medicine modalities. She has introduced thousands to the beauty of culture and creation, the mystery of the seen and unseen, and simple and practical ways of transformative living through science, art, intuition and spirituality. She conducts seminars and leads workshops worldwide. Born in America, she has lived in New Zealand for over a decade.

Jon Winder

Jon WinderJon Winder has a master’s degree in the humanities from the University of Auckland and a post-graduate diploma in education from Massey University. A professional mentor, business and educational change agent, and leadership advisor, he has presented internationally on a vast range of topics in the fields of commerce, education and spiritual attunement. His early years as the son of a sheep farmer in the Manawatu developed his life-long love of nature and interest in the wellbeing of the planet from ecological, cultural and social perspectives.


Georgia Duder-Wood:Singer/Vocal Specialist/Advocate ofCommunity through Song  Georgia-Wood-thumbnail-2013-150px

Georgia Wood a singer, actor and vocal specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland and is a graduate of Toi Whakaari: The New Zealand Drama School. A long-term yoga practitioner, in 2008 she completed a Diploma in Yoga from Wellpark College of Natural Therapies to consolidate the application of yogic philosophies to voice teaching. She continues to research how singing can help heal individuals and strengthen community, and to enable this is a current award winner of a place on ART Venture, a prestigious programme for creative entrepreneurs.

Her experience of song and vocal pedagogy encompasses a wide range of genre and she has performed both nationally and internationally. She is a sought-after vocal specialist as a singer, vocal coach and performance mentor, working freelance for film and television and with community singing groups. Currently she is singing tutor for South Seas Film and Television School and Toi Ora Live Arts for people in the mental health system, she also holds vocal workshops in festivals around New Zealand.

Simon WoodSimon Wood

Simon left his corporate IT career in 2012 to realise the dream life of living on an island close to Auckland.  Since then he and his wife, Georgia, have built their own house – a modern yurt, raised a few chickens, grown a few vegetables, and come up against many challenges in this major transition.
Simon is intimately connected with the land that Kawai Purapura now has stewardship of, having spent his childhood living in the community that was previously here.  “I now really enjoy coming here after many years of avoiding the place, I don’t think there could be a better whanau than Wellpark to re-enliven this very special piece of Aotearoa.”


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