Sacred Earth Eco-Festival Market Areas

There will be five main market areas at Voices of Sacred Earth Eco-Festival for 2014.

Each market area hosts a selection of Eco, Health, Wisdom and Creative presenters, artisans and knowledge keepers.


21-23 February 2014

This festival is an opportunity to love with your hands, your body, your voice, your mind. This is a rare time and place: “Kawai Purapura” recognize the past and future in the present.

A Touch of Love

Adonai-Nicky-Hamid-300px Come and feel a Touch of Love.

INSPIRATIONAL ART- by artist JAN WILLIAMS who paints beautiful visions from the 5th Dimension and beyond

TRANSFORMATIONAL BOOKS – by Dr NICKY HAMID- these books sell worldwide and have inspired thousand of people to take their own power and claim a deeper experience of their own Lovingness.

INSTANT HEALING – with HEATHER ELLIS DRAKE a “walkin” with a Divine Gift She will be available for 15 minute sessions like no other you have experienced so expect miracles.

Academy of Shamanic Studies


Shamanism is an ancient and universal method using simple tools and techniques for connecting with the universe – both seen and unseen worlds – and moving beyond the limitations of rational thought into realms of sheer awareness.  It consists of a collection of simple techniques for accessing energy, power, vision, healing and creativity.

At the festival will be Shamanic teachers and healers who offer a range of workshops teaching journeying skills and healing techniques, and who offer individual healing work. There will also be a range of beautiful handmade leather products including drums, rattles and medicine bags.

Ahika Community Trust


Ahika is a point of convergence, where awakened souls can engage in the co-creation of a world of healing and beauty.  The Community is a small group of people who travel lightly on this sacred Earth.  We are team players–easy going and respectful, seeking expressions of interest from like-minded others with a high level of personal integrity who resonate with the values of a mature, creative and awakened community.  We invite you to visit our stall and learn who we are, our vision and how you and can become a trustee.  Love from Bruce Lipton, Graeme Sait, Leigh Mason and Bill Watson.

Ananda Sai Art


Intuitive Visionary Artist

All are welcome to come and experience the Loving energy of these Divine beings that flows from the pictures emanating their love and wisdom. Many people experience upliftment, healing, inspiration, guidance, and are transformed by dwelling on the art. Art inspired by the angelic beings opens the heart, deeply touching your inner being and reminding you of your own divinity.

Kim Wedel is an Intuitive visionary artist a unique category of artist who lets themselves be an instrument of divine love which is expressed visually through drawings and paintings. Kim paints what she feels or sees intuitively allowing Divine Love to flow through her hands onto paper or canvas. Her work often focuses on Celestial Beings, Devas, Angels, Ascended masters and Gurus. Come and check our display, have a personal on-the-spot intuitive drawing with message, or see you or your loved one as divine angel.

Angelyte Soy Candles


Our eco-friendly hand poured candles are lovingly made while calling in the assistance of the angelic energy.

We provide a expansive range of beautiful containers including Hurricanes, large and medium mosaics, swarovski crystals on large and small votives and 3 sizes of tea lights and many more choices. There is a large variety of high quality fragrances and essential oils from chocolate to passionfruit and lavender to ylang ylang.

Come and enjoy the aroma and know you are assisting both your local and the world environment.

All the containers can be returned for refilling with the same aroma or choose another for a change.

Aotearoa Essences


NZ Bush Flower Essences made in pristine environments. Differing from other producers, we provide ready-made, Deep-Acting Combinations at full strength stock: Ideal for those who really wish to get clear and for those wishing to experience more Peace, Love & Joy in life. NZ Flower-Gem Essence Combinations for the Chakras, others for transforming Fear & Anger, for developing more Self-Worth, Emotional Balance, Grounding, Sleep and a unique Deep-Acting NZ Rescue Remedy. Vibrational Blueprints for Light-Warriors of Rongomaraeroa. Chakra scanning, intuitive diagnosis & tune-ins available free of charge on our stand.

Art of Living Foundation New Zealand


“Breath – an universal tool to life.” (Art of Living Foundation)

Dr. Raj Anand and Seema Lathekar are volunteers and facilitators with the Art of Living foundation. They bring their expertise from their respective fields – health and insurance industry to share simple ways to use breath as an amazing tool to a healthy and contented life.

Raj is a physician specialising in rheumatology at Auckland hospital and shares about the secrets of breath. Seema works at NIB insurance and facilitates workshops to empower people with skills to insure their minds from adversities.

Come and share twenty minutes with these two amazing individuals, full of enthusiasm and inspiring people to make the most of life.


We sell fair trade clothing and accessories from India and Nepal.

Berislava World



Bioptron Light Therapy System for people with Sports injuries, Muscle sprains/strains, Back/head/neck/shoulder pain, Arthritis/Osteoarthritis/Rheumatoid arthritis, Skincare/psoriasis/eczema, Wounds, Ulcers, Cuts, Bruises and can also help to IMPROVE your mood…

Benefits: SAFE no known negative side effects; SIMPLE no special skills are needed; VERSATILE portable and easy to handle; COST-EFFECTIVE you could save money on medicines and doctors’ bills

Blossoming Beliefs


Catriona uses the healing modality Theta Healing to clear deep subconscious beliefs stuck in your psyche. She finds the root of the problem, clears with unconditional love and replaces with a set of more empowered beliefs. Release pain, fear and obligations. Discover true abundance, power and vision in your life. This work is based on the beliefs we are a part of all that is and everything is energy. Your thoughts have energy and this modality offers you a way to increase their vibration, thus allowing you to step into who you were truly intended to be on this earth – a enlightened soul full of love and joy!

Boundless Creativity & Effortless Action


An artist & activist since childhood and the founder of two retreat centres in Hawai’i, Rashani has recorded 15 albums and has published 7 books, 64 small altar decks and more than 400 collages, incorporating words of inspired poets, mystics, mentors, teachers, and friends. Her unique greeting cards are known in many countries. Trained by several world-renowned teachers, Rashani has offered concerts, councils, retreats & private sessions throughout the world since the 1980’s. She will be selling her beautiful cards, books, signed prints, CD’s & altar decks, as well as offering private sessions.

Chai Tent

Coal Action Network Aotearoa


We are campaigning against all new coal mines or extensions of existing permitted ones. Our main reason is to prevent climate change, but we are also concerned about the other environmental effects. Coal mining is an unsustainable industry. Present campaigns are the proposed Denniston mine on conservation land. This will be become NZ’s largest coal mine if it proceeds and is only the thin edge of the wedge for other mines Bathurst is also planning nearby.

We have had a large involvement in the campaign against Fonterra’s proposed Mangatangi mine on the SH2 to the Coromandel/Thames. We are also starting a school boiler conversion campaign which will be tied into a “Auckland Coal Free Zone” campaign.

Conscious Consumers


Conscious Consumers is a social enterprise business that accredits cafes and restaurants in terms of their ethical practices. We encourage also encourage consumers to be conscious of the power that they have.

Conscious Stuff

Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki


Coromandel Watchdog of Hauraki works within Te Aroha to Moehau, or Te Waka o Hauraki to stop all mining and sustain the special nature of this place. Watchdog was founded in 1980, and acts as an umbrella group for local Coromandel Peninsula grassroots groups opposed to gold mining. Watchdog has focused on research, public education, political lobbying and direct action over these many years.

Earth Energies


We will be in the main festival area with our beautiful selenite light & water crystals. Come along for a sacred transmission session.

Selenite is One with Water, so is One with life. Holographically, selenite’s high frequency and power comes in the form of Electro Magnetic energy, that energy is a living light from the Earth – crystals are the DNA of the planet.

Selenite is the stone of the new world, as it helps bring to the surface that which no longer serves us so we can bring in new consciousness energy. It is self cleansing and self charging which is why it’s considered the stone of 2012.

Earthstar Ltd


Prana, the one Eco solution for skin & body, home, outdoors, travel. Vital X for men. Ayurvedic products, water alkaliser jugs. A huge range of dried herbs, spices  and super foods such as chia seeds, coconut sugar, quinoa, buckwheat and more organic and natural products.

Essentia Essential Pure Oils


Essentia® makes a range of natural products using the gifts from Mother Nature – only using natural ingredients, including certified pure essential oils. There are no chemical or dispersants in our products therefore you can use our products on yourself, family, pets, and friends, every day. Replace your everyday chemical based self-care products with natural Essentia® alternatives J.

We also carry a range of Don Tolman’s all natural/organic products for self-care support, including Pulse – a raw organic whole food. Essentia® services include education and coaching in nutrition, weight loss, energy levels, stress, diet, detox, and health. Knowledge is power, we are here to help! 

First Light Flower Essences


First Light’s award winning flower essences are made in Aotearoa New Zealand from native plants using the ancient, proven methods of working in harmony with nature. For over 40 years we have been at the forefront of vibrational medicine manufacturing, education and services. We provide a wealth of information, products and educational opportunities for those seeking health, wellbeing and information.

Our online dispensary, consultation services and correspondence courses are unequalled. Hundreds of students enjoy access to our state of the art educational Cyber School and there are a growing number of Registered Practitioners working confidently with First Light Essences around the world.

Flight to the Light


Caroline McSharry has been Healing for 19 Years, working as an Intuitive/Psychic Healer, experienced in Energy Healing on People, Children, Infants and Animals, also she clears houses of unwanted energies/entities and attachments on humans. Caroline releases Past Life blocked energy and Curses, She works with Love Energy from the Divine always.

Fluoride Action Network NZ Inc


FANNZ is a founding member of the Fluoridation-free NZ Coalition, an alliance of national health-focused organisations launched in 2009 to take national action to end water fluoridation.

The FANNZ website has been created to provide both general and New Zealand-specific information regarding fluoridation.

Forest & Bird


Forest & Bird is New Zealand’s longest-serving conservation organisation, formed in 1923 in response to widespread extinction of native species and destruction of our native forests. We give nature a voice. We speak for all our threatened species and fragile places – from endangered Maui’s dolphins to high-country tussock-lands. We are not a government organisation and do not receive government funding – we rely on the generosity of our members’ subscriptions, donations and bequests to carry out our conservation work.

Our members love New Zealand nature. They are planters, weed-busters, educators, pest controllers, environmental lobbyists and climate change activists. They are people who care passionately about New Zealand’s unique and special natural environment and native species – and want to make sure that these natural treasures are protected so that they can continue to be enjoyed by future generations.



Palmistry reading – Viv and I have 30 years experience each of reading palms and tarot cards. We have both run classes teaching people  palmistry and tarot cards, individually and together. Last year we held a one day workshop at Whispered Secrets Yoga Studio. A palmistry reading takes about 15 minutes. Palmistry and tarot card reading with clairvoyance  takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour.

When I do clairvoyance I sense my client’s energy by mentally and spiritually focusing on their chakras. Then gently advise them about how they can make changes to improve their lives. Palmistry gives me a full understanding of the persons character and issues. The tarot shows me the direction they need to take to enhance their lives. I don’t believe in predicting the future as I believe we create our own futures so to do so would be dis-empowering, unless something comes through strongly that I feel I must tell them.

Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber – Medicine Woman


Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber Medicine Woman products have been created in order to meet the needs of all those people who wish to restore the power of magic in their lives. Made only with the most powerful and magical native plants of Aotearoa New Zealand, these products are a gift from nature to empower, transform and uplift. Our magical website provides access to oracular wisdom, amazing videos and a huge array of products, services and study programs. Our Cyber School, The Medicine Woman Centre for Shamanic Studies, is the destination for the healer, the shaman and the light worker to undertake transformative study programs under the tutelage of powerful teacher plants.

Full Court Press Ltd


The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine was launched in Auckland on May 7, 2011. Its editors Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith have 70 years of editing and publishing experience between them.

Jonathan Eisen is the editor of the New Zealand best seller Suppressed Inventions and Other Discoveries while Katherine Smith is the editor of a book on organic growing and farming Superfoods: How to Grow Them and Why You Need Them Now (AIT Press) and The Cancer Prevention Handbook. She also trained as a herbalist and maintained a part-time practice for ten years.

Gail Taylor Energy Works


My Services include “Paintings for the Soul” – Beautiful Paintings co-created with Spirit, in alignment with the fulfilment of the Divine Plan assisting you on your Life’s journey. As a clear channel for Spirit, I hold Monthly Meditation evenings & I am regularly guided to hold Specific Presentations consisting of High Energies & Light Language. As a Healing Facilitator, I am Blessed to bring through the Christ Energies to help Balance & restore on all levels whether Distance Healing or Hands on.

Gary Cook and Barry Brailsford

Greenpeace NZ


Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.

Greenpeace is an independent global campaigning organisation that acts to change attitudes and behaviour, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace. To maintain its independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.



Gwamu is a social enterprise that offers three services to the public. Our core is to develop social enterprise startups. Gwamu Trade is a a project by GWAMU that sells handcrafted projects from Colombia. These products are made by a range of communities mostly Indigenous and poverty-stricken. All prodcuts have been a present from “mother nature” as she has offered these resources to them so they could be creative and use the resources as accessories with deeper meanings.


Heke Designs


In 2009, after seeing how much used clothing went into landfill, artist and designer Bea Lorimer was motivated to do something about it. Having always been an avid recycler and creative sort, an idea grew. Heke design creates unique fashion using post -consumer resources. Items are individually cut from locally sourced, re-claimed textiles  and ethically manufactured on Waiheke island. Each item has their own artistic, colourful, fabric combinations, creating one of a kind garments.

Huichol Art Crafts


Dance of the Deer Foundation and Center for Shamanic Studies, California

Brant Secunda is a shaman and healer in the tradition of the Huichol Indians in Mexico. He founded the Dance of the Deer Foundation in 1979 to support the indigenous Huichol tribe of Mexico, to preserve their beautiful culture and to provide people in the modern world with the opportunity to learn about the Huichol ancient spiritual traditions.

Brant leads shamanic workshops and retreats worldwide.  Proceeds from all the foundation’s activities go directly to the Huichol, to Don José’s village and extended family. The Dance of the Deer Foundation is helping the Huichol Indians to maintain both their rich cultural heritage and their spiritual healing traditions.

Innourish Body & Soul


I am going to be sampling SevenPoint2 products and showing my before and after pictures. I did 30 Days Raw and SevenPoint 2.

Innourish Body & Soul offers the SevenPoint2 Transformation Challenge. Good health isn’t complicated, you just need to give your body the right nutritional tools and it will take care of itself. Our mission to positively impact world health, through the Health Made Simple program, and  the Sevenpoint2® Products make it happen.

Jewel Rapture


The Art of Jewelry – Carefully Selected Creations From Artists Around the World

All of the pieces I have selected are artisan crafted and if you are bored to tears with mundane same-old, same-old, I have no doubt that you will find some special delights at my stall. Together with the jewelry I will have some of my sculptures both in bronze and winterstone, on display as well.

I have a lifelong passion for gems and jewelry and currently offer these pieces at markets in the Auckland region or by arrangement.

Laura Clark


Laura Clark (Director NZ School of Natural Healing 1996-2009, astrologer and healer) has facilitated group meditations, group work and individual transformative processes for over 30 years. Ageless Wisdom texts provide illumination and method.

Life Force Auckland


We have two key products.  Our original is an organic aloe and wild seaweed drink for a natural whole food source of minerals.  Depleted soils lead to depleted people. The ocean has the answer and the aloe helps our body absorb it. Our other main product is a unique combination of herbs and ingredients to support our metabolism. This one focuses on helping our body deal with the dangerous visceral fat in our bodies. We are also launching a new energy drink with a wider spread of active ingredients and less sugar.

Loving Earth Jewellery


Loving Earth Jewelry creates all original artistic jewellery with conscious gems and stones provided by our loving Earth.  No plastics or glues are used, instead each stone is hand wrapped with high grade sterling silver or natural copper. From pendants, to bracelets, and earrings, each gem is chosen for its quality, shape, color, and its uniqueness.  No two pieces are alike, and all are made with love.

Maori Healers


Including Atarangi Muru and Traditional Maori Healing Arts

Mata Amritanandamayi Satsang Group Inc (Amma New Zealand)


Amma has never asked anyone to change their religion. Only to go deeper into their values or faith, and live by those essential principles.

NZ – The First Light


New Zealand The First Light is an inspired platform for showcasing “Our People.” The Visionaries and Leaders that are Co-Creating A New Reality and assisting humanity to do the same. It is time for us to each bring our piece of the puzzle, our uniqueness, so that together we can see a ‘whole’ new world. New Zealand, being the First Light has an integral part to play in this.

If you would like to connect, we look forward to meeting you at Sacred Earth Eco-Festival.

Obsidian Crystal Pendants


obsidian-crystal-pendants-218pxHand crafted crystal pendants

Ora New Zealand


Donna Kerridge has a clinic in Helensville where she specialises in using rongoā Māori and is active in teaching the art of making and administering traditional remedies for use in the home. Donna holds Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine and was awarded the 2010 Medical Herbalist Graduate of the Year by the NZ Association of Medical Herbalists.

Donna is grateful for opportunities to share work with others through the television series Maara Kai, workshops and presentations and as an adviser to special interest and iwi groups around the country.

Printable Reality


Gus has been performing his poetry around the world. Organising events, producing shows and tirelessly promoting poetry. Apart from his own poetry collection, his poetry has been published in a few magazines and anthologies.He is a Poetry Slam winner.

With a vision to bring poetry to the widest possible audiences, Gus initiated the “Printable Reality” concept. Based on collaboration with other spoken word artists, musicians, dancers, actors and visual artists,with a motto : “Experience Poetry Differently”. Printable Reality initiated forming of the Actors Ensemble, exciting new concept dedicated to producing and performing Live Literature/Poetic Theatre shows. Gus has been chosen by the Auckland Regional Arts Trust for the ART Venture 2010 program.

Pure Health Care


Dr. Cherye Roche – Sports Chiropractor / Kinesiologist / Biomechanist

In any large yoga class you will find that over half of the students have bunions, and most of them have one bunion worse than the other.  The old wives tales about the source of bunions are not true. You inherit your bunions from your parents.  Or more accurately, you inherit your joint biomechanics from your parents and this causes the development of bunions, chronic joint pains, and muscle tension and imbalance. At this talk, Dr. Cherye Roche, internationally recognized expert on biomechanics, posture and functional movement will show you how your “foot bone is connected to your spine bone”.

Raglan’s Whaingaroa Environment Centre


WEC’s vision is “Whaingaroa is a healthy, resilient, environmentally sustainable community.” We act as an information, resource and action hub for our community. Throughout all of our work, we focus on solutions that are easy and affordable for everyone, working families, youth, individuals, and organisations.

Our key projects are Timebank, Curtain Bank, Seed Bank, Tool library, kids club, Maui’s Dolphin Day and Backyard Bounty. We encourage sustainability through sharing skills, growing food and protecting our natural environment.



SAFE’s aim is to make significant improvements in the lives of animals by raising awareness, challenging cruel practices, changing attitudes and fostering compassion so that they are no longer exploited or abused. For over 80 years SAFE has been one of the strongest voices in New Zealand defending animals against cruelty and abuse. SAFE is a non-profit charitable organisation financed solely through the goodwill of the community.

SAFE is dedicated to changing attitudes and nurturing compassionate values by educating the public about the inherent value of animals.

Singing Bowl


Great selection of Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, and a little bit of clothing and 100% cotton cloths.

Sonqo Custom Leather


Sonqo is my brand, is the name I have given to my work, ideas and creativity. Sonqo means “heart” in the Quechua language of my country Peru. I create all the bags from scratch 100% by myself, from the idea in my head, to then translate them into a paper pattern, to then cut the leather, sewing the pieces in the machine and finally choosing and inserting the metal fittings.

Soul Destiny Foundation


Our vision is to create a world-wide network of positive youth that with empathy and understanding brings magic back to civilisation.

Our mission is to encourage the positive development of youth world-wide. We wish to create a network of youth who can support and inspire each other in a non-judgmental environment, and in turn exert their positive influence on the world.



Eco dyed textiles and up-cycled garments. Soulwhispers works with the co-operation of plants to reveal pattern and colour on textile and paper. A number of different and ancient dye techniques are used but most frequently water and fire are essential elements. The results are unique; each piece is an offering and tells its own story.

I usually call my works Soulwhispers because this is what I perceive … the souls of the plants whispering … If you should happen to glimpse a fey being, a dancing sprite, the landspirits may have revealed themselves to you.

Spirit by Nature

Spiritual Arts


I have always had a fascination with the mystical/spiritual side of life. Three years ago I decided it was time to open myself up and fully develop my spiritual awareness. I have spent this time on a great learning journey and now help people with tarot and angel card readings, numerology, Reiki healing and spiritual-psychic drawings. And the learning journey continues.

Ten Point Wellness


Dr. Sam Shay is an acupuncturist, chiropractor, functional neurologist, and wellness coach. Sam, an entertaining and engaging presenter, empowers his audience members and patients with practical, at-home solutions to the 10 distinct facets of wellness that must be simultaneously attended to for optimal health.

Sam has seen patients in NZ since 2010, treating a wide range of issues from injuries to chronic disease with his multi-faceted approach. Sam has also lectured for several years at formal conferences, such as the Australasian Integrative Medical Association (AIMA), as well as multiple health/wellness festivals such as Prana Ecofestival and the Luminate Festival.

Tohu & Tarot


Nalini of Tohu & Tarot – Indigenous Healer from Aotearoa. Affiliated to Ngati Kuri, Ngati Kahu ki Whangaroa ki Nga Puhi ki Whangaroa and Tainui tribes. My forefathers are of Wampanoag descent, Aquinnah  of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Known as “The children of first light.”

Myself and my team, offer healing through the guidance of IO –  Traditional Rongoa Maori, Mahi Matakite and Mirimiri. My unique specialties are Tarot & Kohatu Healing and Tohu Interpretaton – one’s personal symbolism.

Universal Peace Federation


Through forums, seminars, conferences, service programs, and interfaith peace initiatives, the Universal Peace Federation builds a global network of peacebuilders to contribute to a world of sustainable peace in which everyone can live in freedom, harmony, cooperation, and prosperity.

Principles: God – We are one human family created by God. Spirituality – The highest qualities of the human being are spiritual and moral. Family – The family is the “school of love and peace.” Service – Living for the sake of others. Unity – Peace comes through cooperation beyond the boundaries of ethnicity, religion, and nationality.

Vibes Up


The products are Vibrational Healing Products, designed to raise a person’s vibration and make them feel good.

Vibrational Voice


Come to the Waterfall in the Ngahere(bush) and meet Dianna Doney. Wairua name given: Poua Hokio, translates to “Ancient Eagle that soared the Heavens”. (here before humanity) Born on the East Coast, Aotearoa of Ngati Porou descent. Also Irish, Cornish, Danish and German ancestry.

Vibrational Voice has been an ordinary, yet magical part of my life for almost 24 years on the land & waters of Aotearoa. I welcome you to experience a clearing and attunement in union with the natural elements within the surroundings at the Waterfall, Kawai Purapura….wherein lies memory of ancient times. Vibrational voice is the medium I bring forth to assist clear unrequired memory/energy from the human form.  The “body wisdom/intelligence” naturally shows me where to go from there, bringing peace, lightness, awareness and more.

Enjoy this gentle and powerful time to expand and feel the presence of being.

Vision for Humanity


Vision is a registered charitable trust set up to serve community through it’s range of Biospherically Correct products. Vision Products is a registered New Zealand charitable trust (CC 27922) where all Nett profits are used for charity.

Vision for Humanity acts in providing: information to raise awareness, inspiration through its Visions, and initiatives to put its Visions into constructive practice.



WELLfest is a place where the public and the professionals can engage in an experience which offers knowledge and understanding; an opportunity for accurate answers to individual questions. It is this process which is the magic of WELLfest.

Bringing together exhibitors, entertainment, key speakers and free seminars, the Wellness Expo offers New Zealand’s very first “West meets East, North and South” expo. Take the opportunity to explore traditional, complementary, holistic, natural and complementary modalities, all in one open, friendly and safe environment.

Wellpark College of Natural Therapies


Wellpark College of Natural Therapies is an NZQA-registered private training establishment. It offers tertiary education in Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Medicine,Herbal Medicine, Massage, Naturopathy, Nutrition and Yoga.

The College is dedicated to integrated medicine. In this healthcare model, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals and natural therapists work together to determine individual health plans that recognise the whole person (mind, body and spirit), optimises well-being and effect the best possible recovery from illness.

The future for natural therapies is exciting. The use of natural medicines is growing annually as individuals take responsibility for their health and well-being. The more paternalistic models of medicine are being challenged. The first goal for natural therapies students is to find out how to manage their own physical health, mental well-being and spiritual awareness.

Whakapatanga Point of Contact


Reflexology, readings, natural balms, mirimiri, healings.

Wild Fibres

Kiaora whanau. Wild Fibres unfolded by two lovers while traveling Nepal. We have a wide range of unique clothing and accessories (bags, hats, jandles, wallets, bottle holder bags, dream catchers, and jewellery) made of 100% wild Nepalese hemp and recycled silk.

We also have many 100% cotton, hemp cotton, raw silk cotton and raw fabric clothing. All goods are authentically made in Nepal. A percentage of the clothing I have also personally designed myself. We are very passionate about our hemp products as they are a great way to raise awareness of the eco/ health benefits of hemp and the diverse ways to use the plant.

Jacqueline Nelley

Wisdom Seekers


A website to assist you in your health, wellbeing and spiritual growth with Resource Directory of Products, Services and Practitioners. Wisdom Seekers’ Newsletter goes out twice each month with lots of articles, from healthy eating, herbs, astrology, cosmic events, and more … most are by New Zealanders.

Yoga Education in Prisons Trust


The Yoga Education in Prisons Trust is a registered charitable trust providing education for prisoners in New Zealand prisons. Accredited Satyananda Yoga teachers are teaching prisoners the practices and techniques of yoga and meditation with the purpose to enable personal change and development.

A safe supportive environment is created by experienced teachers that allow the prisoners to let go of fears and restrictive patterns, explore aspects of themselves that can enhance social integration.

The Eco-Weekend

Over 100 workshops and seminars!

Featuring 90-minute immersions into eco in all its flavours with wisdom walkers, musicians, healers, craftworkers, dancers, eco-activists, people who care.