Therapeutic Treatments at Kawai Purapura

Natural Therapy Treatments

At Kawai Purapura we care about your health and well being and we know that you will have unique requirements. We have an incredible team of residential therapists who understand the human body and mind; they provide a range of skills and talents that will lift your spirits, relax and revive you to help you achieve a healthier life.

Clinic Treatments

Be energised and purified. Revitalise your body and uplift your mind with treatments that use natural products and non-invasive procedures. Our practitioners are qualified in a number of techniques that can help improve physical and emotional problems. Revive and unwind with a relaxation or therapeutic massage with one of our qualified practitioners as they release stress and tension to return your body to a peaceful balance.

Meet our team of professional, qualified practitioners. They have been chosen for their exceptional skills and ability to be truly present for their clients.

Practitioners at Kawai Purapura include …


Lindi O’Connor A. Dip.M.T.  – Massage and Reflexology

Lindi O’Connor is a Body-Mind Massage therapist with over 30 years experience in the field in various countries.  She is certified in Deep Tissue, Relaxation, Reflexology, and Sports and Therapeutic Massage.

Lindi has discovered how profoundly our bodies react to stress and stored emotions, a natural result of “everyday life”, and how this can be reduced by touch and massage – combined with an ability to “listen” and feel the body’s pain. “Bones, muscles, and cellular tissues hold memories of emotional events and life’s stress. Through varied massage techniques we release tension and pain, freeing and healing the “embodied mind.”

Lindi mobile:  021 252 4749 email:

Phillip Cox – Reconnective Healing, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Tarot readings, Meditation

Philip has a broad range of offerings to assist clients on their journey which include:

The intelligent healing light frequencies of Reconnective Healing. “De-programme” Hypnotherapy created to help you have the control in your lifes journey.  Price is assessed by each individuals needs. Reiki – offering over 20 years experience. Tarot readings based on the Zen way of life as espoused by OSHO. Meditation – having trained for long periods himself, Philip offers support using the basics of true and traditional Vipassana.  He offers the meditation as a free to everyone.

Phillip’s mobile:  0220 155 948 email:


Clinic room for rent

S-AccommodationProfessional clinic room to rent on a ½ share basis

Suitable for councillor, therapist, homeopath, reflexology or other holistic business practice

Approximately 14m2, own entrance and patio opening doors to lawn, plenty of patient parking, disabled access, access to bathroom facilities.

Unlimited potential in the unfolding vision of New Zealand’s largest Retreat Centre: Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre.

$75 per week / selected days only.


Chewy Wilson – Reflexology

Chewy offers a nice relaxing foot massage or a diagnostic foot/health treatment.  Chewy explains: “I offer both kinds of reflexology and can help you understand physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels using points in the feet that relate to points in the body.  I also work with the endocrine system, which is like a recharge for your body’s battery.”

Chewy’s mobile:  0274 334 627 email:

Isabel – Reiki Energy Work

Isabel is a certified third degree Reiki Healer. She has been doing meditation and yoga for many years and was called to learn Reiki two years ago. Since then she has treated many people during different events, workshops and one-on-one. Isabel is offering Reiki Healing in the clinic at Kawai Purapura. She loves to share the “Reiki Love”. Come and experience the “limitless universal energy”!

Isabel mobile: 022 038 8680  email:

Louisa Clark

Louisa is a recently qualified yoga teacher, and fully qualified massage therapist of 4 years, trained in the UK, India and Thailand, offering holistic body work in the styles of lomi lomi (Hawaiian massage), Tibetan massage, Thai massage, Relaxation, Deep tissue, joint mobilization and stretching and just general well being.

All treatments will have a brief consultation, tailoring the treatment to your specific needs. • 1 hour treatment $90 • 30 minute head neck and shoulders $45 • 40 minute feet hands and head $50 • 30 minute foot $45

Louisa’s mobile: 022 657 0467