Vincent Bolletta

Vincent has been teaching and practicing yoga since 1991 and has also been involved with the health and wellness industry as a fitness consultant for the same period. His area of interest lies in structural rehabilitation and integration using the methodology of Yoga asanas, Pranayama, sound and a variety of other bodywork practices. Vincent was introduced to Yoga while travelling and working in England by mentor and friend Steve Sharp. On his return to New Zealand he continued his studies in Yoga with a two year teacher training course under Mike Byron-McKay and the New Zealand School of Yoga. Vincent has subsequently trained with numerous teachers incorporating a broad range of Yoga styles.  Most recently he spent time with Gary Kraftsow and The American Viniyoga Institute and regularly travels abroad from New Zealand to encompass different traditions and thoughts on Yoga.

Vincent is also the founder and director of Yogashala, Auckland, NZ where he teaches predominantly private sessions, small group classes, and also teacher training.  He also runs private retreats and has taught workshops nationally and in the USA.  The last few years Vincent has been working creatively on a series of Yoga photographs which have been exhibited in New Zealand and the USA and have also been published by Yoga Journal Russia 2011. Vincent resides in Auckland, NZ with his wife and two children.



Supporting Asana with Breath (all levels)

Saturday 11:15-12:45am in Lotus

Discover and layer your forward and back-bending practice with breath-specific intentions and techniques to establish greater awareness. This workshop will support the practitioner when covering a variety of primary practices and postures ranging from pelvic floor action and stabilizing the sacral iliac joint in forward bending to the necessity of thoracic lifting/extension in back bending.