Yoga Teachers at Kawai Purapura

Elandra n Antion festival 250px Yoga Teachers at Kawai PurapuraAntion & Elandra

Antion & Elandra Meredith are internationally renowned healers, authors, formerly directors of several Yoga Centres, teachers of teachers, counselors and yogis with four decades of experience facilitating Healing Trainings, Sacred Voice Sound Healing, Chanting and Yoga Retreats.

Ra portrait 250px Yoga Teachers at Kawai PurapuraRa

Ra completed the 1200hr Diploma in Yoga at Wellpark College. Her classes integrate mantra, asana, relaxation, pranayama, meditation. Ra says: “Be prepared to do something fun!”

jyoti portrait sepia 180px Yoga Teachers at Kawai PurapuraJyoti

According to Tantra, it is said: Sam’yoga yoga ityukto jiiva’tma’ Parama’rmah. (The unification of the individual soul with the Supreme Soul is called Yoga.)

Asanas when done properly, make the body& mind strong & healthy & help a person to endure long periods of time in meditation. Jyoti has been practicing Tantra Sadhana for almost 30 years. In his class he will take you through a sequence of basic & then more difficult poses, stretching not only your muscular & skeletal systems but also your internal physical systems. All organs, glands, nerves & nerve fibres are stimulated in this system of asanas.

Through the practice of asanas & breath control, you may become more aware of the subtle energies that ebb & flow in the mind & learn to still them even more. All aiding one to be able to be silent & still enough to experience even just a moment where one merges one’s individual soul with the Infinite Soul.

Dyana Mar31a 2014 180px sm Yoga Teachers at Kawai PurapuraDyana Wells

Dyana has been practicing yoga for over 40 years. She recently completed her Diploma in Yoga Therapy at Wellpark College.  She developed the Integrated 200 hour Yoga Teachers Training Program at Kawai Purapura and teaches Anatomy and Physiology and Yoga Philosophy and Tantric Practices on the course.

Dyana teaches Hatha yoga as investigation and exploration. Students use traditional asanas to investigate the way the body moves. As the mind becomes sharper and more subtle, the body naturally opens to the breath.  Soon the mind, breath and body are dancing together .

Yoga is about restoring the normal function to the body. In Dyana’s classes, stability is coupled to flexibility, strength is coupled to softness, and movement patterns are investigated for their ability to integrate the whole body. Yoga is a path of waking up, of becoming embodied. Full embodiment is full enlightenment.

Timetable for week commencing 15 December 2014

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Note: Non-yoga classes (Nia Fusion Fitness and African drumming) are paid by cash directly to teacher and are not eligible for concession cards or discount vouchers.