International Yoga Festival 2014

festival-timetables-400pxThe Third International Yoga Festival at Kawai Purapura

A festival weekend created for yogis, yoginis and anyone curious about yoga.

Held Friday night to Sunday night, 11-13 April 2014

With over 75 different workshops and seminars to choose from, and over 40 facilitators – spiritual leaders, masters of asana, creators of fun – we offered yoga in all its brilliance, wisdom and intrigue. Attendees discovered a love of yoga that is inexhaustible, immersing themselves in the creative flow of asana and breath. Surrounding themselves in the fun of a festival, with treats from the stalls, nourishing food, kirtan, dance and other people.

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  • festival-leaders-400pxWe work hard to bring together a group of outstanding, international spiritual teachers to present discourses and workshops from Patangalis Sutras, Tantric Yoga teachings, Vedic Teachings, the Heart Sutra, the Bhagavad Gita and others. Discover how relevant these traditional threads are to your own questing. Take heart from the personal insights of the teachers. Have your questions answered.
  • Last year we were delighted to be hosting Swami Atmamuktananda, much loved teacher from Satyananda Yoga in Australia, Mark Whitwell, international teacher of the Heart of Yoga, originally from New Zealand, Swami Sukhiji, highly respected international Art of Living teacher from Canada, and many other humourous, insightful teachers .
  • festival-concerts-400pxThis year we have workshops for yoga teachers and advanced practitioners wanting to explore specific aspects of asana practice in more depth. Presenters include Shailender Negi (India), Mark Whitwell (USA) and Leigh Blashki (Australia) are just a few of the international guests. 
  • The core of the festival is of course the wide range of yoga classes for beginners and general students. If you are new to yoga, just starting out, bewildered by all the different kinds of yoga around, wondering what yoga is all about, wondering whether a different style or a different teachers would suit you better, come along and check them all out.
  • Relax into Yoga Nidra, learn about the breath. Deepen your understanding of Ashtanga or Iyengar, Kundalini and Vinyasa.
  • festival-bookings-400pxYoga is for fun. We learn best when we are having fun. Try acroyoga with Nicole Moyes, aerial yoga with Connie Causa, Thai Yoga Massage with Neal Ghoshal Move your body and free your mind in ways you never thought possible. Trust the water, your partner, the ropes. Trust life.
  • Bring the whole family. There is a full, entertaining program of yoga for children and parents who want to come along and play. Our energetic teachers include Michaela & Nicky, Michelle Waring and Yvonne Murphy.

Whether you are interested in profound spiritual teachings from the yoga tradition, or in trying out some general yoga classes, or if you want swing from ropes into a cobra, or perform a shoulderstand in the air with a partner, or if you have children and love the fun of the festival, or maybe want some in-depth exploration into the detail of asana practice, or need to relax in a restorative yoga session, or a combination of all the above, then this is the festival for you.